About Us

Poly Seal was started by Nate Morris to continue the successful coating application trade passed down from his family. Nate grew up in Alaska spraying truck bed liners and providing coating solutions to withstand the harshest winter climates. Some of the first polyuyreas ever created were sprayed by Nate's grandpa and uncles. He recognized the need for an applicator to take polyurea to industries that had not yet learned of its many benefits. Poly Seal is now the premier applicator of the polyurea and many other coating systems in the area and is growing in experience daily. Poly Seal has a nearly 30-year history of experience to rely on when working through today’s most challenging projects. Along with a generation of resource to pull from, Poly Seal puts the utmost importance on the customer service and satisfaction. Poly Seal operates with high moral standards and a desire to leave every customer knowing they chose the right company for the project.
Poly Seal is dedicated to providing the best in class polyurea coatings that are designed to stand the test of time.

325 S. Kings Rd.
Nampa Idaho 83687
[email protected]

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