Polyurea Joint Filler/sealer

Sites that put safety first understand the importance of minimizing risks. For commercial warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and more, that means working from the ground up. If your flooring system isn’t properly coated or maintained, you could be headed for trouble. 

Concrete Control Joint Floor Care

Over time, the stress from constant foot traffic, machinery installs, and moving equipment around the floor can lead to cracks and breaks in your concrete. Expansion joints allow for a little bit of flex, but even those might fall short of what your flooring really needs. If you want to extend the lifespan of your flooring and keep your concrete strong, filling and/or sealing your floor joints can help.

Heavy wheel traffic is a major concern for commercial and industrial sites. Rolling carts and machinery can knock against the edges of your concrete floor joints and cause breaks. Floor sealants and fillers work to protect those gaps and keep your flooring intact. Polyurea is a win-win because it does all that, and more.


About Polyurea Fillers and Sealers

Using a filler or sealer to help protect your concrete joints isn’t a new practice, but the products themselves have certainly seen a few changes over the years. Today, it’s no longer necessary to have two different formulas for fillers and sealers. We can actually use a single polyurea joint filler to complete both types of jobs.

The polyurea material also works for repairing or re-caulking existing cracks. If your floors have already started to crack or corrode, keeping the problem in check now can help protect you from a larger investment down the road. A few quick fixes can go a long way. 

Commercial and Industrial Applications

A polyurea joint filler is applied to the full depth of a concrete joint. This gives your flooring the support it needs to manage hard, heavy traffic without breaking. Sealant can work in a similar manner, but it’s primarily known for preventing water and dirt from gathering in joints.

 In addition to enhancing your floor’s compressive strength, filling and sealing the joints between substrates also helps with quality control. Concrete floor joints that are kept unsealed or unfilled can also start to collect debris. That’s why having a truly seamless floor is often a must for food processing facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Once again, working with polyurea can be a simple, cost-effective solution.


Quality Service with Poly Seal Professionals

As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The earlier we can catch building maintenance issues, the better. Polyurea fillers and sealers are great for commercial and industrial sites because they provide a long-term solution with very little downtime. Once the product is applied, you can get back to work in as little as an hour.

When you need to keep your operation running smoothly, you can count on the Poly Seal team. Our trained professionals can deliver the high-level service you expect for your site. Let us review your flooring and see how we can help.

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Poly Seal is dedicated to providing the best in class polyurea coatings that are designed to stand the test of time.

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